A S A P is a company based in Los Angeles, California which is the world writ small. Our position on the Pacific, our proximity to Mexico and our wonderful climate draw people here from all over the world. Everybody wants to live here and they do.  On even a casual walk on any given street you are liable to hear a foreign language spoken; Tagalog, Chinese, Laotian, Spanish, Urdu. Our neighborhoods have names like "Little Armenia", and "Little Tokyo". We live here and have worked here in the fields of translation and interpreting for over 22 years. We have not had to travel far to find translators and interpreters who are educated native speakers.

Having worked extensively in the fields of simultaneous interpreting in business conferences, diplomatic negotiations, court proceedings, etc. we also know that an excellent interpreter can be lacking when it comes to translation. These two disciplines are not the same. For this reason our translations are carefully proofread by a second translator in the target language and a conference is set up to produce the final product which is then given to the client in the agreed upon format. 

We at A S A P provide:

  • Federal and State Certified translators

  • Experienced Federal and State Certified interpreters

  • Last minute scheduling in the Los Angeles area

  • Competitive rates

  • Fast turnaround on translations

  • Free quotes


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