Spanish has become the language most spoken in the United States after English. In more than one of our large cities, San Antonio and Los Angeles for example, the majority of the inhabitants are Hispanic. Immigration from Spanish speaking countries and international commerce have brought this language increasingly into our everyday lives. We at
A S A P Language Services have been providing quality interpreting in Spanish for the Entertainment Industry for years, but though this is the language in which our experience is the greatest, we are hardly limited to it. Other languages are also finding their way into our everyday experience, languages spoken in Pacific Rim countries like China, Thailand and Japan. We can provide services for this industry in these and almost any language you can think of.

We can provide interpreters and translators with intensive experience in the following areas: Theatrical Conferences, Advertisement Meetings, Translation of Scripts and more.

Simulcast interpreters: By far the most challenging task of an interpreter. To be able to do this effectively the interpreter needs a perfect knowledge and command of the two languages and the speed and nerve needed to interpret without faltering. Our frequent work on well known television shows like: The Maury Povich Show, Entertainment Tonight, The Arsenio Hall Show, HBN (Herbalife Broadcasting Network), Telemundo, Channel 52 & 22 (Press Conferences) and most of all the News, have made our interpreters experts in this field of our profession.

Dialogue Coaches: Hands on coaching of inflection and accent and expression in the indicated language. TV shows like ALIAS have used our interpreters.

Dubbing of dialogue and voice over for an array of texts.

Escort interpreters: Your own personal interpreter to accompany you in that business meeting or that social event.

Translators: Scripts, letters, contracts or breach of, are some of the documents our translators are faced with all the time and we have even ventured in copywriting in Spanish.












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