We offer a complete range of services in the field of legal interpreting and translation.

Translations: Our associates know this field backwards and forwards; we translate:

  • Legal Documents - From birth certificates to complicated contracts or anything in between or beyond.  We hand you a certified hard copy as quickly as possible.

  • Evidence Tapes - We have extensive experience transcribing evidence, surveillance and videotaped testimony or events working from cassettes, CDs or videotapes.  We can work on Macintosh or PC files and we will include a certified hard copy and a diskette or CD in Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or Quark Xpress format.

Interpreting: We are based in Los Angeles. We immediately  provide certified interpreters for any kind of hearing or event in the area.

Our interpreters are available for:

  • Depositions - State and Federal Civil and Criminal matters, even if scheduled at last minute.

  • Trials -  State and Federal, Criminal and Civil

  • Worker's Compensation Hearings

  • Administrative hearings

  • Family Law

  • Interviews at Detention Facilities -  Wayside, Men's Central Jail, MDC, Santa Ana and other detention facilities in the area.

At A S A P the law is our bailiwick. Our rates are competitive and we stand behind our work.












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